I'm Sofia! I create healthy, minimal and delicious dishes in a not so fancy kitchen! Hope you enjoy!

Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl

Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl

1 cup of @almondbreeze almond milk

A handful of blueberries

4 medium florets of steamed then frozen cauliflower

1 scoop of @sunwarriortribe protein

1 scoop of @vitalproteins collagen peptides

1 tbsp maca powder

2 heaping tbsp @traderjoes almond butter

1 tbsp flax seeds

1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in food processor or regular blender! Usually takes about 2-3 minutes for the cauliflower to blend well.  

I topped my smoothie off with @manitobaharvest hemp seeds, more trader joe's crunchy almond butter, unsweetened coconut shreds, cocoa nibs + frozen blueberries. 

Superfood Granola

Superfood Granola

Banana Maca Smoothie Bowl 

Banana Maca Smoothie Bowl