I just came back from spending the summer in the South of France and had some of the most delicious meals and the most glamorous restaurant experiences in my life! So here are my recommendations that are a must for you to try when you visit! Whether your with family, friends or honeymoon these places are unique experiences and flavors that you can’t miss out on!

For most of the restaurants listed there are two seating the early and the late seatings, the early seating are very nice, more chill- the music is at an low/medium volume so you can have table conversation! But the bad part is that they do ask you to leave your table for the second seating, some place will have a “bar” area to hang out and at others you ask you to leave entirely! (Always ask when making your reservation)

The later seatings are very upbeat, high volume music and/or show... much more lively ambiance and the very good plus is that you can keep your table for the rest of the night or your time there! 

We did reserve for early seating in some restaurants and late seatings in others and it’s a nice mix!! But it’s nice to keep in mind when making your reservations!! 


La Môme  


One of my favorites- because the beautiful ambiance, located in the cutest little street, so ask for terrace seating !!! 

The truffle risotto is insanely good, and if you can share the whole fish!! It comes with a ratatouille which is delicious!! 

La Môme Plage 

Lunch/Sunbeds at the Beach

The restaurant also has its beach club as well, where you can book/rent sun beds for the day at the beach and is so worth it! 

The sun beds and beach are beautiful and has great service- drinks and food can be served at the sun beds or you can reserve to be seated for lunch at the restaurant there on the beach as well! 



Cabaret Show- really good dinner with an amazing cabaret show!!!! A must for a full on original “French” experience !! There are two seatings either 830pm or 1030pm... 

We reserved for the 830 seating because we honestly didn’t know that they would make you leave the table by 1030... and they do, they ask you to get the bill and head over to the bar! Which has a lounge area and a very nice bar, but we felt that the show was just getting started at that point. 

So I would recommend reserving the 10:30 seating!!! 

I know 1030 sounds late but if you are in the mood for an upbeat dinner get the second seating, the restaurant will be full of movement - the show the music and ambiance is in full effect by then! 

La Guerite 


A MUST 10/10!!! This restaurant is located on an island Isle Marguerite in front Cannes!!! Seriously a major highlight of our trip ! 

First seating at 1 pm is relaxing and has live musicians playing !! Second seating at 3 pm you have a chance to eat lunch in a nice ambiance then the DJ comes in and becomes a day party around 4/5 !! And when you reserve make sure you request for a table in the main dining area !! 

Transportation: you can either get there by private boat or a boat they offer- which is a 10 min boat ride they will take you back and forth from the main port in Cannes! 



Sister restaurant of La Môme- it is a sushi restaurant, very good! Located on the same dreamy street so ask for outdoors seating!

But I recommend La Môme before this one but the amazing and beautiful ambiance is the same and totally worth it just to go back for the nice ambiance!



Very lively ambiance, this is a restaurant, bar and club all in one. The food is an asian mediterranean fusion. It is a very fun night and the food is good. First seating 8 pm and second seating 10 pm! 

But honestly, if you would have one lively night in Cannes- I would 100% recommend Medusa rather than Bâoli because Bâoli experience is fun but you can experience the same elsewhere- Medusa is an original cabaret show you will only experience in France!! And Bâoli is a chain restaurant- you have it in Miami as well.

St. Tropez



There are outstanding dancers and artists who perform one after the other on the central podium tables on the terrace, as well as in the indoor seating on improvised stages. Your night is full of exceptional entertainment. There is two seating per usual, 8:30 and 10:30, I fully recommend the late night seating and indoors because the show gets more lively and you can stay at your table all night!

Club 55 


I highly recommend Beach Club 55 for a great day at the beach and lunch! The food is amazing, the ambiance is beautiful, boho style with live musicians walking around playing music.

The corn is amazing, we got the whole salted fish… basically at every restaurant, and the paella which was a special! And everything was amazing!

Chateau la Coste 

La Terrace

This Chateau is located in Aix en Provence, if you have the time to do a day trip from St Tropez I highly recommend it- and this place is a must to visit!

At “La Terrasse” there is live music throughout the summer and is the perfect setting for a wine tasting!! We enjoyed a bottle of wine before dinner and it was amazing!! The scenery and ambiance is amazing!

Restaurant Francis Mallmann 


We then had dinner and it was simply amazing!! The restaurant is elegant and rustic decor with the wood oven and chefs at sight, watching the meals being prepared!